What are the Legal Protections When You Create Delaware C Corp?

Corporation Center 05/25/24
create Delaware C Corp

Starting a corporation can protect your assets. The reason for this is that this type of business provides liability protection. If you wish to establish a corporation, one of the popular choices is Delaware C Corporation. The state is renowned for its business-friendly environment. In this article, let us explore the legal protections when you…

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What to Know About Converting a Delaware LLC to C Corp

Corporation Center 05/23/24
Converting a Delaware LLC to C Corp

Have you been thinking about Converting a Delaware LLC to C Corp but want to know what all is involved? When you do your research, do you come across conflicting information? At the Corporation Center, our main goal is to make it easy for folks to find all of the documentation they need to start…

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The Cost of Delaware C Corp and the Role of Officers in a Corporation

Corporation Center 05/21/24
Cost of Delaware C Corp

One of the many things that Delaware is known for is corporations. The state started the modern corporation. Before the restructuring of corporate laws, the federal government would decide whether or not you could own a corporation. But the state changed it. To this day, the state remains the US’s incorporation capital. But what is…

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Can You Create a Delaware C Corp as an EU Citizen?

Corporation Center 03/29/24
Create a C Corp in Delaware

Starting a business in the US, particularly in Delaware, is a thrilling venture. The thriving economy and the favorable business climate make it a desirable location if you want to pursue growth and global opportunities as an entrepreneur. But can you Create a C Corp in Delaware if you are an EU citizen?  An EU…

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