Starting an LLC Vs Corporation: Build a Foundation for Your Business

Corporation Center 12/25/23
Starting an LLC Vs Corporation

Do you have a great business plan but aren’t sure which business entity is right for your business? Have you found yourself going back and forth between starting an LLC vs. a corporation over and over again? It’s an important decision, not one to be made lightly. Beyond offering forms for launching both, we made…

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What to Know About Converting a Delaware LLC to C Corp

Corporation Center 10/16/23
Converting a Delaware LLC to C Corp

Have you been thinking about Converting a Delaware LLC to C Corp but want to know what all is involved? When you do your research, do you come across conflicting information? At the Corporation Center, our main goal is to make it easy for folks to find all of the documentation they need to start…

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How Difficult It Is to Convert an LLC to C Corp in Delaware?

Corporation Center 09/08/23
Converting Delaware LLC to C Corp

One of the main reasons many LLCs in Delaware convert to C Corporations is to attract venture investment. The funding comes from investment banks and rich investors. If you are trying to convert your LLC to a corporation, you might wonder how difficult the process is. Does converting Delaware LLC to C Corp involve a…

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