The Cost of Delaware C Corp and the Role of Officers in a Corporation

Corporation Center 05/21/24
Cost of Delaware C Corp

One of the many things that Delaware is known for is corporations. The state started the modern corporation. Before the restructuring of corporate laws, the federal government would decide whether or not you could own a corporation. But the state changed it. To this day, the state remains the US’s incorporation capital. But what is…

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Delaware C Corp or Sole Proprietorship: Which One is Better for Your Business?

Corporation Center 05/12/24
Delaware C Corp

Generally, LLC is better for most entrepreneurs. The reason for this is that sole proprietorship does not offer protection. If you are planning to put up a business in Delaware, what business structure is better? Should you opt for Delaware C Corp or sole proprietorship?  Delaware C Corp: A Popular Choice  Choosing the right legal…

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How to Choose a Delaware C Corp

Corporation Center 03/13/24
delaware c corp

Delaware C Corp is a legal entity formed when a company receives its charter from the state. The most popular corporation laws are found in the states of Delaware and Nevada because they provide excellent flexibility in profit distribution and simple transferability of shares. For shareholder safety, C corporations are the most strictly regulated corporate…

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