Forming a Corporation in Arkansas

Are you looking to create your own business in Arkansas? If so, you are going to want to decide on how you will structure your enterprise, from a legal and tax standpoint. Whether you are interested in creating a limited liability company (LLC), an S- or C-corporation, or a limited liability partnership (LLP), you will need to assemble the proper documents and submit them to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office. Fortunately, at Corporation Center, we have all the forms you need and more for forming a corporation in Arkansas online.

Forming a Corporation in Arkansas

If you are looking to start your very own company, there are not many places better to do so than Arkansas. As a business-friendly state in the welcoming American south, Arkansas offers low corporate and state income taxes, which can help your business take off and grow. If you are lucky enough to have a rapidly growing business, you know that there can be stresses involved. All of the sudden, your once humble enterprise needs bigger office space and more employees, or perhaps an expanded marketing budget to keep up with the competition. If you need access to quick capital, it may be in the best interests of your organization to consider forming a corporation in Arkansas

When you create a corporation, you grant your company the ability to issue stock. This means that outside investors can claim an ownership share of your corporation, which means cash in the pocket of your business. As a general matter, it is far easier for a corporation to attract outside investment than, say, an LLC or LLP. The reason for this is that those types of business structures make it difficult to provide an ownership interest, which is generally wanted by an investor. A corporation does have to adhere to a more rigid management structure than an LLC, however, and there are typically additional reporting requirements.

To set up your corporation in Arkansas, you will need to first decide on a name for your organization. As is the case in most states, Arkansas requires that your corporate name not match, or be too similar to any of the other corporate names on record. To see if your desired name is available, you can peruse the Arkansas Secretary of State’s business database online. Once you have landed on a moniker for your business, you can move ahead with drafting your articles of incorporation. You can do this by using our easy-to-complete online forms, which will save you and your business valuable time.

How to Set Up an Arkansas LLP Online

If you are a little wary about going into business for yourself, you may want to consider a partnership. This allows you to lean on the expertise and experience of a like-minded individual while focusing on your own strengths in order to grow your business. A general partnership (GP) occurs any time two or more people go into business together. Sometimes, this arrangement can be informal, agreed upon verbally, or with a handshake. You can, however, add a layer of legal protection to your partnership by setting up an Arkansas LLP.

LLPs are not available in every state, but Arkansas does offer them. This mode of business structure is typically chosen by licensed professionals, such as doctors, attorneys, accountants, and engineers. The reason for this is due to the way “limited liability” is used in an LLP. While individual partners can protect their personal assets from bankruptcy or legal judgments against the business, negligent partners can be found liable. In other words, the malpractice of one partner does not need to take down the entire business. 

In an LLP, you will also receive “pass-through” treatment from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This means that profits generated by your business will pass through to the individual partners before they face taxation. This is a considerable tax benefit, which often makes an LLP appealing to entrepreneurs. You can start your own Arkansas LLP by using our streamlined web forms.

Use Our Forms to Create Your LLC

Limited liability companies are very common among new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. This is because they are fairly easy to create, there are few restrictions on how they can be run, and they share the limited liability and tax benefits inherent to an LLP. You also will not need to do much as far as annual reporting goes when you create an LLC in Arkansas. To get your limited liability company up and running, you will need to select a unique name for your business and complete your articles of the organization using our online forms. 

No matter what your Arkansas business documentation needs may be, Corporation Center can help. To learn more about our services, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us by email or phone. We offer easy-to-use web forms for all 50 states.