What to Know Before a Delaware Corporation Online Filing

Delaware Corporation Online Filing

Do you feel like it may be time to form a Delaware corporation? Have you heard that so many business owners form their corporations in Delaware and you want to know if it would be the right choice for your situation? Here at The Corporation Center, of all the business entities our customers form, the most very well may be in Delaware. There are so many reasons that this is a state business owners turn to time and again. That is why a Delaware Corporation Online Filing may be exactly what you need.

Providing Business Owners from Anywhere Real Privacy 

As you may know, in many states, multiple members of a company must disclose their names in association with that company. Not in Delaware. In fact, the only name that has to be disclosed is that of the registered agent. Officers, directors, and the like – they do not have to. Moreover, because of this, those officers, directors, and others don’t have to maintain a Delaware residence, either. Yes, the registered agent must have a physical address to be the official address so as to collect documentation, receive, mail, and so forth. The rest can be private. 

Save on Taxes, Structure, and More 

When discussing taxes in Delaware, it’s almost easier to start with what taxes Delaware doesn’t have. For example, there are no personal property taxes in Delaware, nor are there inheritance taxes, investment income taxes, or sales taxes. As you might imagine, that makes Delaware attractive indeed to business owners from all across the country. Moreover, you won’t have to pay the corporate income tax if, for example, you don’t do business in the state itself. 

This doesn’t mean that Delaware is entirely exempt from taxes. But, it does mean that you’ll face fewer taxes in Delaware (and in fewer amounts) than you may have to pay elsewhere. 

Small Businesses May Want to Consider Their Options 

Yes, Delaware will not tax a business that, if you so choose, doesn’t do business in the state of Delaware. But, your actual home state will probably tax your company’s income. Additionally, depending on what state you’re in, that state may very well charge out-of-state business taxes, too. Combine that with the franchise tax Delaware will hit you with, and you may not end up with as much tax relief as you had hoped from incorporating in Delaware. 

Moreover, if your business is very small, just getting started, or something similar, then it’s entirely possible that you won’t see tax savings from incorporating in Delaware.

Delaware Corporation Online Filing

Delaware Corporation Online and More 

Delaware is the most popular choice of business owners for a list of reasons. It has been that way for decades now and will continue to be so long into the future. However, Delaware is far from the only state that we offer corporate documentation for. Indeed, you can form the kind of business entity that you want in the state of your choice through our site. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our live agents as well.