What is the Best Company to Register an LLC Online?

best company to register an llc

Sometimes in life, you need a shake-up. If you have grown tired of working for someone else, putting your hard work and years of experience to use only to boost someone else’s bottom line, it may be time to consider launching a business venture of your own. With entrepreneurship, you can finally attain those feelings of professional fulfillment that have eluded you for far too long. If you have what you feel is a great idea for a service or product, you cannot afford to continue to wait on getting started in creating your own business. Of course, while owning and operating your own organization has potentially unlimited earning potential, it does come with a lot of long hours and hard work. In fact, you should probably be prepared to give up your nights and weekends for a while as you put in the necessary time needed to get your business up and running. When you are in the beginning stages of launching your endeavor, you will also need to make some key determinations. For example, will you need office space? Should you hire a team? Will you need to create a limited liability company (LLC)? If forming an LLC is a key priority, you will want to know what is the best company to register an LLC online.

You have probably noticed that those three letters, “LLC,” tend to follow the names of a lot of businesses. While it is true that limited liability companies are a popular choice among entrepreneurs when it comes to creating a legal business structure, they are not, however, the only option available. If your business is going to be more of a part-time, smaller operation, you may find that sole proprietorship works just fine for your needs. For some, a general partnership (GP) can make sense, as it allows you to work together with a like-minded partner in order to grow your business. Other organizations have loftier ambitions and may need quick access to capital, in which case filing articles of incorporation is a logical decision. For many, though, the ease of setup and maintenance that comes with an LLC works just fine. Read on to learn more about how you can form your LLC online.

What is a Limited Liability Company?

Before you set out to make your name in the entrepreneurial space, you may need to educate yourself on a few items. For instance, before you can create an LLC, you should probably learn a bit about what it is. A limited liability company, at a fundamental level, designates your business as its own legal entity. An LLC is run by its members (owners), or by outside management. LLCs are available in all 50 states, which comes in contrast to, say, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), which are not.

When you form a limited liability company, you give yourself and the other members the protection afforded by limited liability. With limited liability, if your business goes bankrupt or loses a costly lawsuit, the members of the LLC will be able to protect their personal assets from any sort of legal judgment. To put it in simpler terms, if your business is sued, you will not need to worry about losing your savings accounts or even your home.

In a limited liability company, you also will benefit from the designation of being a “pass-through” entity with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). With this distinction, profits made by your business are not subject to taxation until they pass through to the members of the LLC, who will then pay taxes to the IRS based on their own incomes. 

It will vary a bit depending on your state, but there is generally a streamlined process to follow when starting an LLC. You should first select a name for your business that is not already on record with your local secretary of state’s office. You will then want to appoint a registered agent to receive all tax, government, and legal correspondence on behalf of your business. Finally, you will need to draft articles of organization (sometimes called a certificate of formation) and submit them for processing. This document should include some basic information about your business, its members, and its registered agent. You can use our easy-to-fill web forms to process these documents online.

best company to register an llc

Working with the Best Company to Register an LLC Online

If you have decided that a limited liability company is right for you, you may be curious about which is the best company to register an LLC online. Well, look no further than us. We have easy-to-complete web forms to draft articles of organization in all 50 states. Simply select your state from our navigation menu and you will be brought to the correct form for you. If you have any questions, please contact us by email, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.