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Building a business from the ground up is an admirable, if difficult task. In many ways, entrepreneurship runs deep in the American spirit, and this country has a long history of enterprising individuals designing their own livelihoods. If you have grown tired of working for others and are wishing to create a business of your own, you are in for some exciting and challenging times. While starting out with a basic business plan can help you get moving, there are a number of other practical matters and logistics that you will need to sort out. For instance, you will likely need to hire employees, set up payroll, retain accounting services, and even lease office space. During these early days of building your organization, you may also want to consider how you will legally structure your business. After doing a bit of background work on the advantages and disadvantages of creating a corporation, you may decide that you want to fill out incorporation documents online

Of course, the decision to set up a corporation is not one that should be made lightly. It is worth noting that corporations are subject to stricter rules and regulations in how they can be managed when compared to other legal structures. For this reason, many smaller businesses will opt to create limited liability companies (LLCs) or sole proprietorships. There are valid reasons to consider creating a corporation, though, and one of the larger draws tends to be the ability to issue stock. By selling fractional shares of ownership in your organization to outside investors, you can put your business in a position to receive a quick and easy injection of cash. This capital can be used to expand your offerings, hire a bigger team, or even open a new location. If a corporate structure sounds right for your business, read on to learn how you can start yours online.

Filling Out Incorporation Documents Online

Outside of the ability to issue stock, there are a couple of other reasons you may also want to consider starting a corporation. For example, in some structures, corporations can receive limited liability protection. This allows you and the other incorporators to shield your personal assets from any legal judgments against your business. You may also get the perk of “flow-through” status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This means that your corporation can pass gains, losses, deductions, and credits to its incorporators, which can be a sound financial maneuver.

Setting up a corporation typically requires you to file articles of incorporation with your Secretary of State’s office. In some states, this is called a certificate of formation. This document will call for some basic information about your business, its incorporators, its registered agents, and the classes and number of shares you plan to initially issue.

 incorporation documents online

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