How to Make an LLC Company Name that Stands Out

Make an LLC Company

Have you decided that you want to Make an LLC Company but you aren’t sure what to name it? Or, have you narrowed down the candidates for what to name your LLC and are trying to decide which is best? Make no mistake, choosing a name for your LLC is important. We’ve found that more can go into this process than many business owners might realize. There are some factors to keep in mind when coming up with an LLC name. 

What Your Name Can Include 

For starters, your LLC has to include, somewhere, that it’s an LLC. Many, as you’ve seen, choose to include “LLC” in their name. You’re also allowed to use any number of variations, abbreviations, permutations, and the like, too. So, you can be “Limited,” you can be “Ltd.” You could be “Company,” “Co.,” or “L.L.C.,” etc. No matter which state you decide to start your LLC in, you have to do this so that everyone who sees your name knows that you’re not a corporation or something else; they know that you’re an LLC. 

What Your Name Can’t Include

Indeed, in terms of LLC names, the authorities are very wary of people being misled. To that end, you can’t say something that implies your business is anything other than an LLC. This gets more strict than you might realize. For example, maybe you want people to know that your business has integrity, so you give it a name like “Trust Company LLC.” That would most likely be against the rules because it could imply that your business is somehow involved in banking, insurance, or the like, when you aren’t. 

Bottom line: you can’t give people the wrong impression when it comes to your LLC’s name. 

Make an LLC Company Name: Best Practices 

When someone looks at your LLC name, a good idea is to make it so that they know exactly what it is that you do. A name that may sound clever but is actually a bit confusing can be helpful for not just paperwork but for branding as well. 

As with so much else in communication, the shorter and more distinctive, the better. If you’re going between multiple names, ask yourself: “Which would be easier to say in a sentence?” More often than not, that’s the best choice.

Make an LLC Company

How to File the Documentation for an LLC and Other Entities 

No matter what you decide to name your LLC, you can find the paperwork to file it here at our site. We’ve helped business owners just like you to file the LLC they want to in the state of their choice, Maine to Southern California, Florida to Alaska, and everywhere in between. 

That said, an LLC is just one of the many different kinds of business entities that you can file through our site. There are many others, each of which could be the right fit for your needs. To see all that we offer, click here.