What You Need to Know Before You Form a Corporation in Alabama

Form a Corporation in Alabama

Looking to form a corporation in Alabama? Well, do you know what type? Have you figured out what it is that you need to do? Lucky for you, all the information you need is outlined here.

How to Form a Corporation in Alabama

Every state in the country has different guidelines when it comes to starting a corporation within its legislation. After all, they will each have certain laws and regulations that companies within the state will have to meet and follow in order to establish their commercial operations safely, responsibly, and successfully. Alabama is no exception in regard to these standards, so you need to make sure you meet them when applying for corporate status. Lucky for you, here at the Corporation Center, you will be able to find everything that you need in order to form a corporation in Alabama.

Types of Corporations

So, if you’re looking to form a corporation in Alabama, then you will need to go through the corresponding process with the Alabama Secretary of State, This will ultimately depend on the kind of corporation that you’re looking to establish, so let’s go over the different categories so you know what to look for:

    • Domestic Business Filing – This refers to corporations formed within the state of Alabama and meant for for-profit operations, meaning most commercial businesses. It is more likely than not that you are going to be applying for this designation.
  • Domestic Nonprofit Filing – Now, on the other hand, you will find those corporations that don’t intend to operate in a for-profit capacity, meaning that they will need a specific designation from the IRS. This application will allow you to operate as a non-profit within Alabama, be it as a foundation, a charity organization, an educational institution, or any other kind.
  • Foreign Corporations – In terms of state corporations, a foreign company is that which is based outside the state in question. This means that, should you be registered elsewhere but looking to operate commercially in Alabama, you will need to file an application for your foreign corporation to be recognized.

Filing For a Corporation in Alabama

Once you’ve determined exactly what it is that you want to apply to, you will need to file the corresponding application forms with the Secretary of State. While this can be tiresome and inconvenient, it doesn’t have to be when you count on the right help for the matter. That’s what we at the Corporation Center can provide for you: a reliable platform where you can easily and quickly submit the forms necessary to get your company started.

Form a Corporation in Alabama

Corporation Center Processing Service

Here at the Corporation Center, we want to be there to help you through all of your company-forming needs. In order to do this, we’ve created a comprehensive platform that provides all the forms you might need in order to apply for your company status, regardless of the state you’re in or the category that you’re looking for. And, should you at any point need any help with the process, feel free to explore our ever-evolving FAQ sections. With the Corporate Center, you will receive your certificate and get your company up and running in no time.