What Are the Requirements for Forming an LLC In Georgia?

Forming An LLC In Georgia

The formation of a limited liability company (LLC) in Georgia is subject to a few regulations. One of the essential requirements of forming an LLC in Georgia is that it should have a registered agent. This individual is responsible for receiving any legal paperwork on behalf of the firm. In addition, there must be a functioning operating agreement in place for the firm. This document describes the functions and obligations assigned to each limited liability company member (LLC) member. Articles of incorporation need to be submitted to the state government as the last step for the firm. If you consider these criteria, forming an LLC in Georgia should not be difficult.

You Must Be 18 Years or Older

The minimum age to register a limited liability company (LLC) in Georgia is 18. Anybody who wants to establish a company inside the state must satisfy this fundamental need. There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule, such as the circumstance in which one is married and has jointly filed tax returns with one’s spouse. If you are less than 18 years old, you can still register a limited liability company (LLC). Still, you will be required to select a guardian or custodian to manage the business on your behalf. However, if you are an armed forces member, you may qualify for one of the exceptions to this regulation. Under Georgia law, individuals under 18 and serving in the armed forces may incorporate a limited liability company (LLC), provided their parents or legal guardians are the owners of the LLC.

You Must Have a Registered Agent for Service of Process in The State of Georgia

For legal documents to be served on you in the state of Georgia, you are required to have a registered agent. You don’t need to worry about finding someone who can provide you with the same level of service because you can accomplish this goal in several ways, one of which is by employing the services of a registered professional agent. Many service providers will do this for a low fee, and there are plenty of them. On the other hand, you can act as your registered agent if you don’t mind doing the paperwork on your own. You only need to keep in mind that the registered agent is required to have a real address in Georgia, and they must also be able to receive and deliver legal documents. Keep in mind that not all kinds of entities require a registered agent; even if yours isn’t one of them, you should still try to locate one as soon as possible.

Are There Any Restrictions on Business Names When Forming an LLC In Georgia?

When it comes to deciding on a name for a business, Georgia is one of the states that offer the most leeway. It is unnecessary to include “limited liability company” or “limited company” in the business’s name, although the Secretary of State of Georgia suggests doing so. On the other hand, short names are more difficult to remember and spell. Therefore, if you want something concise, it’s better to make it straightforward and unspecific, such as “Company,” which may be used for any enterprise. 

You are not permitted to use the phrases “bank,” “insurance,” “trust,” or any other words that indicate involvement in financial activities or the possession of specific licenses or registrations. You are permitted to use the term “accountant” in your company’s name so long as you do not give the impression that you are a qualified public accountant. Additionally, companies that are either domestic or foreign corporations are prohibited from including any terms in their names that indicate their position according to

Forming An LLC In Georgia

Are There Other Companies That Are Similar to The One You’re Considering?

You need to have a concept for a company and a name for the company. The fundamentals are pretty easy to grasp: the name you choose for your company should not be identical to that of any other company already registered with the state, nor should it be identical to the name of any other company with which you do business, such as a parent or subsidiary company. You will need to register both the name of your business and the name you intend to use when conducting business with other people, which is your assumed name. Brainstorming with others and seeing what ideas stick is the best way to find a good name. Once you have a name in mind, do some research on it to ensure that it isn’t too similar to any other businesses or trademarks already registered in Georgia.

Forming an LLC in Georgia is not complex. You can get started today by contacting the Corporation Center at (800) 580-4870. You will be guided through the process, and they can answer any questions you have.