What are the Maine Corporation Forms Required to Become a Corporation?

Maine Corporation Forms

When starting a business in Maine, one of the first steps to help you get started is to choose the best legal structure. It is important to remember that you can choose a sole proprietorship. Partnership is also an option. Many entrepreneurs choose a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation. Filing a corporation is said to be the best option for many businesses. In this post, let us talk about the Maine corporation forms you need to start a corporation. 

Maine Corporation Forms for Your Corporation

After deciding to establish a corporation in Maine, it is important to complete the necessary corporation forms. These are the following: 

Articles of Incorporation 

This form serves as the foundational document for your corporation. Completely filling it out and submitting it officially registers your business with the state. It provides essential details about the structure and purpose of your corporation. In this form, you need to indicate your corporation’s name, registered agent details, business purpose, the number and type of shares authorized, and the names and addresses of the initial directors. Essentially, this form outlines the blueprint for your corporation. 

To initiate the process of forming a corporation in this state, you must file this form with the Secretary of State. Or you can just use the form on the left side of this page. There is a filing fee associated with this document. It covers the admin costs of processing and recognizing the new corporation. 

Certificate of Formation 

In this state, the Certificate of Formation is a document specific to Professional Corporations and Public Benefit Corporations. It formalizes the creation of these specialized types of corporations. Each one is designed to meet distinct legal and operational objectives. 

The information required here would include the corporation’s name. You should also include the type of corporation and details regarding the professional services being offered or the public benefit purpose. If you need to file this form, you may contact our experts today. 

Foreign Corporation Registration 

If your corporation is already established in another state and wishes to operate in Maine, you need to file a Foreign Corporation Registration. This form lets your existing corporation conduct business within the state of Maine. 

The information you need to enter in this form would include your corporation’s name, jurisdiction of incorporation, and date of incorporation. It is also vital that you include your business’s principal office address and a brief description of the business activities to be conducted in this state. 

Corporate Yearly Report 

It is an ongoing requirement for maintaining a corporation’s good standing in this state. Your corporation must file the report annually. Provide updated information about your company’s status and leadership. In this report, you must detail your corporation’s name, office address, names and addresses of your directors, and a brief statement of the nature of your business. 


It is not filed with the state. However, creating it is a vital step in the corporate formation process. Bylaws outline the internal rules and regulations governing the corporation’s operations. These would include meetings, voting procedures, and the roles and responsibilities of each officer and Maine Corporation Formsdirector. 


Completing the Forms

You should complete all of these Maine corporation forms to help you establish your business’s legal presence and operational framework. It can be confusing at first. If you need further help, though, our experts can give you some assistance. Just call us and we will be happy to assist you.