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delaware corporation online filing

If you are in the early days of getting a business up and running, you probably do not have much free time on your hands. In fact, on top of a frenzied typical workday, the odds are good that you are spending a lot of nights and weekends doing everything you can to position your business for success. While entrepreneurship does merit a lot of hard work, it can be uniquely professionally rewarding. After all, you probably got into this venture with the goal in mind of being your own boss and controlling your own income potential. Still, outside of your professional expertise, you have probably found yourself managing marketing, payroll, and even human resources with a skeleton crew. Since your time comes at a premium these days, why not handle structuring your business online instead of inking a bunch of forms by hand? At Corporation Center, we can help you process your Delaware corporation online filing with just a few clicks.

Every state in the U.S. is home to hubs of commerce. The truth is, though, savvy business owners tend to base their businesses in states that are entrepreneur-friendly, with low corporate tax rates and a viable marketplace. Delaware, which sits humbly among the larger states on the east coast, happens to be one of the most popular places available to incorporate a business. While Delaware does have low taxes for businesses and is located near major American centers of commerce like New York and Boston, it’s its legal system that entrepreneurs find most appealing. Delaware’s Chancery Court is one of the oldest legal systems in the land, and instead of juries of citizens, it relies on judges with a unique grasp of business law to arrive at legal decisions. This makes the First State a uniquely appealing environment for business owners.

How to Manage a Delaware Corporation Online Filing

So, why form a corporation in Delaware, or anywhere else for that matter? Well, when you create a corporation, you suddenly have the ability to issue stock to outside investors. This means that you can sell off fractional stakes of ownership in your company in order to raise the capital necessary to hire a larger team, open a new location, or develop a more aggressive marketing plan. Some corporations will also receive “pass-through” status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which means that gains and losses incurred by the business can be passed through to its incorporators.

If you are looking to set up your Delaware corporation, there is a general process you will want to follow. First, select a corporate name that has not already been registered in the state and adheres to the necessary guidelines. Next, decide on a registered agent to manage all legal correspondence on behalf of your business. Finally, complete your Articles of Incorporation, which should include basic information about your business, its incorporators, its registered agents, and its initial stock offering.

 delaware corporation online filing

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We can help you submit your articles of incorporation via our secure, SSL-encrypted web portal. Take a look around our site to explore our many available fillable web forms. We look forward to helping you launch your business.