The Benefits of Incorporating in Delaware with Corporation Center

incorporating in delaware

Starting a business is as exciting as it is terrifying. To the unaware, this process can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when it comes to deciding where and how to incorporate your business. Incorporating a business in Delaware is a fantastic option that has proven to be incredibly effective for businesses of all sizes. In this article, we will explore the various benefits of incorporating Delaware with the Corporation Center.

The Delaware Advantage:

Did you know that Delaware has been the incorporation capital of the U.S. since the early 1900s? Over 60% of Fortune 500 companies chose to incorporate in Delaware for a reason. The state has set up a specialized court system called the Court of Chancery that resolves corporate disputes with speed, predictability, and consistency. This favorable legal framework is one of the main reasons why so many businesses choose to incorporate in Delaware.

Asset Protection:

Another benefit of Incorporating in Delaware gives the business owner the opportunity to separate personal assets from business assets. This protects your personal assets in the event of litigation against the business. The corporation’s liability can be limited to the assets of the corporation itself, which means that creditors can’t go after the owner for debts incurred by the corporation. This added layer of protection ensures peace of mind and security for business owners.

Tax Benefits:

Delaware has no sales tax, no intangible personal property tax, and no tax on offshore transactions. This tax-friendly state can also be beneficial for foreign investors. If you are a non-U.S. citizen looking to start a business in the States, Delaware offers the lowest tax rates for foreign investors. By incorporating Delaware, businesses can take advantage of all of the state’s tax incentives.


In Delaware, businesses can keep the names of directors, officers, and shareholders private. This means that secretaries of state’s websites or reports filed with the state will not list the names of the corporation’s active shareholders. This privacy adds another layer of protection for business owners and is particularly important for those who wish to keep their personal information confidential.


Incorporating a business in Delaware with Corporation Center can give the company more credibility and clout, which makes it easier for the business owner to secure financing and attract new clients. Delaware is a mature jurisdiction that has a reputation for having excellent governance and legal systems. This is a considerable advantage, especially for startups that rely on gaining trust and credibility from potential investors and customers.

incorporating in delaware

Many Benefits of Incorporating in Delaware

Incorporating your business in Delaware with Corporation Center offers numerous benefits, including the legal framework, asset protection, tax benefits, privacy, and credibility. Corporation Center has helped thousands of companies incorporate in Delaware by providing expert advice and reliable services. Make sure to consider these benefits the next time you’re thinking of incorporating your business, and remember, Delaware is undoubtedly the way to go.