Setting up Your Professional Association in Alabama

Corporation Center 05/21/24
professional association

A professional association, or professional organization, is an association made up of members who are part of the same industry or career fields such as lawyers, doctors, architects, engineers, and accountants. In most of cases, they are arranged as a nonprofit organizations. If you are thinking about starting one, let us tell you the different…

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Learn How to Form a Professional Association and How to File Paperwork

Corporation Center 04/13/24
Form a Professional Association

If you’re looking to create one, you might be wondering how to form a professional association. Lucky for you, we have everything you might need here at the Corporation Center. How to Form a Professional Association A professional association refers to a group of associated individuals that, in some way or another, seeks to further…

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How to Form a Professional Association and Incorporate It

Corporation Center 04/10/24
How to Form a Professional Association

Some businesses operate as associations, with examples being certain clubs and nonprofit entities. Most of the time an association is created, not to make money, but to benefit the members of the organization. While it’s not too complicated to do, learning how to form a professional association is a good first step in getting yours…

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