Your Qs Answered: Can an Accounting Firm Be an LLP Or LLC

Corporation Center 09/26/22
Can an Accounting Firm Be an LLP Or LLC

If you run a company, you may be curious about the legal structure your accounting firm should take, specifically a question on whether an accounting firm is an LLP or an LLC. It’s a fair question, and the answer will be contingent on your case’s particulars. In this article, we will present some basic information…

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Can an Accounting Firm be an LLP or an LLC?

Corporation Center 04/06/22
can an accounting firm be an llp or llc

Having an experienced and knowledgeable accountant is a must for any business. In many cases, individuals can also have complicated tax situations that require them to turn to a professional when tax season comes around. If you have a background in accounting and finance, you may be ready to set out on your own and…

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