State of Delaware Corporations: What Docs Do They need?

state of delaware corporations what docs do they need

Starting a business is a risky venture for the unprepared. If you’ve found your way to our blog, chances are you’ve already done a lot of research. You have a thorough knowledge of your market and industry, as well as a financially sound business plan. Perhaps you’ve even purchased office space or a business location, as well as the necessary permits to operate lawfully. The next logical step is to know what documents are needed for different corporations and business operations. In the case of a state of Delaware corporation, we have an article just for you! 

Articles of Incorporation 

Your corporation’s articles of incorporation are a legal document that establishes your official business in Delaware. They must be filed with the Secretary of State. Sometimes they are also referred to as Articles or Incorporation Certificates (depending on your source).

The incorporator is normally the individual who signs this paperwork, but this is not always the case. The filing process can be completed online from anywhere, and different people within the organization can serve as an incorporator. Also, Delaware physical address is usually a must for legal and shipping purposes. 

Certificate of Formation

A Certificate of Formation is a document that establishes the existence and character of a business entity. It serves as evidence that a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) has been created. A certificate of formation is filed with the Secretary of State’s Office to create your business entity; this ensures that no other business has already claimed your desired name and also that you have the required documentation to operate legally.

In Delaware, corporations are required by law to file their Certificate of Incorporation with the state within 90 days after their effective date (unless they have obtained an extension). You also must file a Statement of Information with each year’s annual report until you dissolve or merge your company.

state of delaware corporations what docs do they need

Your Taxes Must Be In Order

When forming a corporation in Delaware, you must be familiar with the state’s tax rules.

The first step is to double-check that your taxes are up-to-date. Forming a corporation does not exempt you from paying taxes on the company’s net profit; rather, it provides tax protection for individuals with ownership interests (stockholders) or management positions in the company (officers).

If you have an outstanding tax liability and desire to incorporate, you must first pay any past-due taxes before proceeding with the incorporation process. Otherwise, your company could face penalties and interest charges, which would be ineffective and expensive!

Get a Registered Agent

A registered agent is a person or business that is authorized to receive legal documents on behalf of the business, such as summons and complaints.

If you start a corporation, it may be required by your state to have a registered agent. In the case of Delaware, a registered agent is required by law for every formal business. Make sure to check your state’s regulations regarding a registered agent if considering another state. The process of setting up a registered agent will vary by state and type of entity (LLC vs corporation). You’ll need their contact information, including address and phone number (and sometimes email address).

Creating a Partnership in Delaware

To form a partnership in Delaware, you will need to file Articles of Partnership and submit your partnership minutes (i.e., operating agreement).

This can be done either through our office or through a lawyer. In addition, all partners must sign their names on the document before it is submitted, as well as provide their social security number; otherwise, we will not accept them until this requirement has been met, so make sure everyone involved knows what’s required before filing!

Filing From Anywhere In The World Is Safe And Secure.

Similarly, we do not believe that anyone wishing to form a company or other similar entity should be forced to be exposed to a harsh or unsafe environment. As a result, we’ve made our website fully responsive. In this case, it implies that as long as you’re connected to the internet, you can file the documents you need from anywhere. Furthermore, we recognize that while starting a business entity, such as a corporation, you must complete paperwork that contains sensitive information. As a result, we use SSL encryption, which is the most secure type of security available today. Visit our website right now to get started with your corporation.

In a Nutshell… 

You can form your own corporation if you believe you are in the best position to do so.

We understand that many business owners want to be able to register a corporation in any state (such as Delaware). So, to make things easier, we’ve provided the documents you’ll need to form what you want, when you want it. Do you want to start a business in California? We’ve got your back. Are you interested in forming a Limited Liability Partnership in Hawaii? We’ve got everything you’ll need. Our site provides the necessary forms for Alabama to Wyoming and everywhere in between