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ncorporation documents online

To be an entrepreneur means that you need to be something of a jack of all trades. While your own professional experience can serve as a great baseline for knowing your product or service, you also need to have an eye for accounting, human resources, and even marketing. You were likely able to devise a sound business plan based on your knowledge of your industry and marketplace, but the truth is, being a business owner can mean finding yourself facing unforeseen challenges outside of your expertise. With this in mind, you need to do whatever you can to make your life easier. Undoubtedly, if you can streamline things to keep your work schedule manageable, you should do it. One helpful pathway to follow is to assign your business a legal structure that makes sense for you. For many, creating a corporation lays a solid foundation for growth. If you are considering this mode of structuring a business, you will be pleased to know that you can file incorporation documents online.

During your time in the world of business, you might have picked up a bit of knowledge about what it means to legally structure a business. Perhaps you know the differences between a sole proprietorship and a general partnership, or you have weighed the pros and cons of creating a limited liability company (LLC). While the average person might associate a corporation with a large, multinational enterprise, you likely know that plenty of small- and medium-sized businesses can form S- and C-corporations as well. The primary reason many business owners opt for these structures is that they afford you the ability to sell stock in your company. This lets outside investment parties, be they individuals or groups, gain a stake in your future success in exchange for an injection of cash. Because of this, corporations are popular with businesses that are interested in quick growth.

How to Fill Out Incorporation Documents Online

To build your corporation, you will first want to look into what the specific rules and regulations are in your state. While the process can vary slightly depending on where you are incorporating, there is a general process that you will follow. To get started, select a corporate name that has not already been registered in your state. You may also need to appoint a registered agent to receive all government, tax, and legal correspondence for your business. At this juncture, it is typically time to fill out the Articles of Incorporation. This document usually calls for the name and address of your business, those of its incorporators and registered agents, and the classes and number of shares you plan to issue.

With a corporation, you may get the benefit of “flow-through” status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This means that when your business generates gains, losses, deductions, and credits, you will be able to pass them to your incorporators for tax purposes, which can greatly lower your tax bill come April 15th.

 incorporation documents online

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You can work with us to file your articles of incorporation online. Simply find your state in our navigation menu, and you will be brought to a landing page with all of our available forms. If you would like to learn more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page today.