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Incorporate in Delaware Online

Delaware may seem like a small, unassuming state nestled on the east coast. While it is known for being the first state in America, it is also a major hub for commerce. In fact, more than half of the publicly-traded corporations in the United States are based in Delaware. The reason for this is that it is a particularly business-conducive state. With a wide variety of tax and legal incentives, coupled with the oldest business court in the country, Delaware is a haven for businesses of all sizes and industries. If you would like to incorporate in Delaware online, Corporation Center can help.

For some businesses, structuring as an LLC, LLP, or sole proprietorship can make a lot of sense. However, if your business is expanding rapidly and increasingly in need of more capital, you may find yourself exploring the idea of forming a corporation. Incorporating your business allows you to issue stock, which can be a quick and efficient way to raise investment in your business. Before you can get to this point, though, you will need to file some paperwork with the state of Delaware. 

Appointing a Registered Agent and a Board of Directors

Before you can begin putting ink to paper on your certificate of incorporation, there are some formalities that you will want to put in place. First, you will want to determine who will be your registered agent. This individual–often an attorney–will be tasked with the receipt of all services of legal process on behalf of your business. They will also collect correspondence pertaining to government and tax issues.

Your corporation will also necessitate a board of directors. Your initial board can certainly change, they merely need to be in place when you hold your first meeting, at which point you can make changes and determine specific roles.

Creating Your Corporate Bylaws

By drafting corporate bylaws, you can create the framework by which your organization is managed. These are internal rules that do not need to be filed with the state of Delaware. Bylaws can cover everything from record keeping, to management roles, to a schedule for when you will meet. Having robust bylaws in place will not only help your business function, it can also strengthen your image to creditors and investors.

Filing a Certificate of Incorporation

To officially establish your corporation in the state of Delaware, you will need to complete a Certificate of Corporation – Stock Corporation with the Secretary of State’s office. This form will call for some basic information about your business, your registered agent, as well as the number of shares that you are planning to issue. This form can be completed manually and mailed to the appropriate state office for processing. 

Incorporate in Delaware Online

Incorporate in Delaware Online Today

If time is of the essence–and if you are a business owner, it almost certainly is–why not complete your certificate of incorporation online? At Corporation Center, we offer easy-to-use web forms for incorporating your business in Delaware. Take a few minutes to explore the FAQs section of our website to learn more about how we can help you and your organization.