How Young is Too Young to Own a Business in Alaska and File Corporation Forms?

Alaska Corporation Forms

With the technology available, anyone can start a business. Yes, even young entrepreneurs can form a corporation in Alaska. But how young is too young? What is the age limit for owning a business and filing Alaska corporation forms?

How Old Do You Need to Be to File Alaska Corporation Forms Online? 

To file these forms online, you must be at least 18 years old. Being 18 is the general age requirement for entering into legally binding contracts, including submitting-business related forms. It is vital to note that this information is based on general legal principles and may not be specific to certain exceptional cases or circumstances. 

What is the Age Requirement to Own a Business or a Corporation? 

There is no specific age requirement to be a part of a corporation as a shareholder or owner. The state does not set a minimum age for individuals to participate in corporate ownership. But minors may face certain limitations and legal restrictions when it comes to entering into contracts or making business decisions. 

Minors in Starting a Business

If you are still a minor, you can still form a business entity, like a partnership or a sole proprietorship. Then again, there are restrictions. And you must have consent from your parents to start a business. 

Contract Signing

Minors have limited legal capacity, unfortunately. If you enter into a contract, it will be voided. But there are exceptions to this rule. 

Access to Credit 

It is challenging to access credit for starting a business because of legal restrictions and the lack of credit history. But you can seek a co-signer or guarantor. If you have a trusted adult, like a parent or guardian, who is willing to support your business venture, that person can act as a co-signer- or guarantor for any necessary loans or credit applications. Their credit history and financial stability can increase your chances of approval. 

You may also apply for a secured credit card. Some institutions offer secured credit cards that require a deposit as collateral. But make sure to make regular payments. In this way, you can build a positive credit history. 

Grants and microloans are also an option. You may search for organizations that provide microloans and grants targeted at young entrepreneurs or small business startups. These funding options may have less stringent requirements compared to traditional bank loans. 

Many communities have entrepreneurial programs or incubators designed to support young entrepreneurs. They may provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and even financial resources to help you get started. 

Is It Worth It? 

Starting a business as a minor means you will be facing a lot of difficulties. But you have an opportunity to gain experience at a young age. You also have the flexibility to explore ideas and take risks. 

Alaska Corporation Forms

How to Incorporate Your Business Easily? 

You may want to wait until you are 18 to start a business and incorporate it. Once you are ready, you can use Corporation Center’s services to file Alaska corporation forms. Contact us on how you can make us your partner in growing your business.