How to Fill Out Corporation Application Form and Why Designate a Registered Agent?

corporation application form

You have a new business idea. You can choose to start your own business as a sole proprietorship or you may incorporate your business. Many individuals choose the latter because of the benefits that outweigh any downsides. But before you can start a corporation, you need to fill out a corporation application form. It’s one of the requirements of starting an “inc.” 

What is the Easiest Way to Obtain and Complete a Corporation Application Form

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Filling out this form is just one of the requirements. Another thing to fulfill is to find a registered agent. It’s an entity that can receive legal documents on your behalf. You will need to choose a registered agent and provide their name and contact information.

What are the Reasons You Need a Registered Agent? 

The law requires corporations to have a registered agent to be legally compliant. This agent can be a business entity or a person. The role is to receive legal documents and ensure that the corporation is notified promptly.

Furthermore, the agent’s contact information is typically made public, rather than the corporation’s, which helps protect the privacy of the business owners. The registered agent must have a physical address within the state where the corporation is formed, which allows for convenient receipt of legal documents and notifications from state agencies. When designating an agent, make sure that the person or entity is available during regular business hours to receive legal documents, which ensures that important documents are not missed.

Create the Bylaws

In addition to designating a registered agent, you should also create your corporation’s bylaws and appoint directors. These bylaws are regulations that the corporation will follow. They are like an operating agreement. Although some states don’t require them, you should still adopt them. They dictate the responsibilities of the shareholders, officers, and directors. These laws also eliminate confusion and maintain corporate formalities. And if you need to apply for a loan under your corporation’s name, banks and creditors will have to look into the bylaws to establish its legitimacy. 

Why Do You Want to Incorporate it? 

One of the reasons is to secure your assets. Corporations enjoy limited liability protection. They are not responsible for business debts. In that case, if your corporation has debts, creditors can’t pursue your home to pay for what you owe. 

How to Get Started? 

Starting a corporation can be a complex process. There are many steps you need to take before you can complete all tasks. If you need help in filling out the corporate application form and other things related to starting a corporation in any state you wish, then make sure to give us a call at (800) 580-4870.

corporation application form