How to Complete an LLC Application Online

llc application online

For a select few, the idea of working their entire professional careers for someone else just doesn’t hold much appeal. If you have found yourself in this camp, and you are thinking seriously about entrepreneurship, it is undoubtedly an exciting–if nerve-wracking–time. While you are probably eager to get your business up and running so that you can generate your own desired income, starting a new venture is not easy, and not every business makes it. The simple truth is that for your operation to be financially sustainable, you are going to need to focus all of your energy into laying a rock-solid foundation. This means creating a bulletproof business plan, hiring a rockstar team, and knowing your market inside and out. Another item you should place on your to-do list is deciding how you wish to legally structure your business. For many, this means creating a limited liability company (LLC), and at Corporation Center, we can help you complete an LLC application online.

If you are pretty green about entrepreneurship, you might not know much about what it means to legally structure a business. Well, to put it plainly, this means separating your business as its own legal and tax entity. This lets your business borrow and lend money, hire and terminate employees, and even possess real estate holdings. LLCs, while available in all 50 states and holding firm popularity, are not the only available option. Some may instead opt for the simple sole proprietorship or general partnership (GP). Others may decide that creating an S- or C-corporation makes sense for their business. You will probably find, though, that an LLC offers you an appealing mix of benefits and low maintenance requirements. Read on to learn more.

Why You Should Fill Out an LLC Application Online

On top of being available everywhere, there are a couple of other valid reasons to consider forming an LLC. For one, they afford their owners limited liability protection. In the unfortunate event that your business has to file for bankruptcy, or if it is the defendant in a costly lawsuit, you will be able to protect your personal assets–your home, retirement accounts, etc.–from any potential legal action. An LLC can also enjoy the benefit of “flow-through” status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax purposes. This means that your business can pass losses and gains to its members before they are taxed.

To create your LLC, there is a general process to complete (though it can vary a bit depending on your state). You should select a unique name for your business that has not already been registered as an LLC with your Secretary of State. You will also want to designate a registered agent to receive legal, government, and tax correspondence for your business. At this point, you can fill out your articles of organization, which should have some information about your business, its proposed members, and registered agent.

llc application online

Use Our Web Forms

You can use our web forms to create your LLC online. Simply select your state from our side navigation menu and click on the appropriate LLC selection. You can then process this document via our SSL-encrypted web portal. We look forward to helping you build your business.