How to Choose the Right Name When Establishing an LLC in Maryland?

establishing an LLC in Maryland

Maryland offers various business incentives, like programs for minority-owned businesses. There are also numerous tax credits you can avail of. When establishing an LLC in Maryland, you need to choose the perfect name first. It is a vital step in the process. 

Establishing an LLC in Maryland – Understanding the Naming Requirements 

Before you get your heart set on a particular name, it is vital to understand the state’s naming requirements for LLCs. The key rules and regulations include: 

Unique Name 

The name must be unique. It must not be similar to other businesses that are registered in this state. You may use the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation online business database to check name availability. You may also contact our experts at the Corporation Center to help you check the availability of the potential you wish to use. 

Use of LLC

Your LLC’s name must include the abbreviation LLC. It is a legal requirement that notifies the public that your business is structured as an LLC. 

Restricted Words 

Maryland has specific words and phrases that need additional approval. For instance, if your business name has a “bank” in the name, you need to obtain special permission to use it in your LLC name. 

Prohibited Terms 

Certain words or phrases that imply government affiliation, such as FBI or Treasury are not allowed in LLC names. 

Choose a Unique and Memorable Name 

When choosing a name for your Maryland LLC, it is essential to choose something unique and memorable. A distinctive name helps your business stand out in a crowded market and can contribute to brand recognition. Avoid generic names that might easily be confused with other businesses. 

Consider Your Brand Identity

Your LLC’s name should reflect your business’s identity and what it represents. Consider the relevance of your name. It must be relevant to your industry or the products/services that you offer. You should also consider your target audience. Think about your target audience and what type of name might resonate with them. You should also choose a name that will not become outdated as your business evolves. Most of all, think about how the name will work if your business expands or diversifies its offerings. 

Check Domain Name Availability 

Having a corresponding domain name is essential for your online presence. Before finalizing your LLC name, check the availability of a domain name that matches or closely resembles it. Consistency in your online and offline branding is crucial. 

Conduct a Thorough Name search 

To ensure that your desired name is available and compliant with Maryland’s regulations, conduct a comprehensive name search. Start with the SDAT’s online business database, which will show you if either business has a similar name. You can also perform a web search and check for trademark availability if you believe your LLC name should be protected. 

Reserve Your Name 

If you have found the perfect name but are not yet ready to file the necessary LLC formation documents, you can reserve your desired name with the SDAT. This reserves the name for 30 days, giving you some time to complete the registration process. 

establishing an LLC in Maryland

Consult the Experts 

After choosing the right name for your LLC, you should contact our experts on how to go about the documentation process when establishing an LLC in Maryland. Our team will help you find the right forms for your LLC creation.