How Easy is Delaware Corporation Online Filing?

Delaware Corporation Online Filing

Delaware Corporation online filing might feel like an overwhelming process, but taking it step by step will help you get from start to finish with ease. If you aren’t familiar with Delaware as a place to incorporate, you’ll be happy to know that there are several perks to choosing this state. Not only can you take advantage of tax benefits, but Delaware uses a corporate court system with judges, rather than juries, which speeds things up. But is it easy? Use this guide to help you decide.

Complete an Articles of Incorporation

It has a big name, but this process is quite simple and can be done online, saving you the trouble of filling out and filing paperwork in person. You’ll submit the form to the Delaware Secretary of State on its website. To make the process even faster and easier, have the information you need on hand. That includes the name and purpose of your corporation, the number of shares of stock that can be sold, your registered agent’s contact information, and the name and address of the incorporators involved in the business. Be sure the name of your business is original and not the same as an existing company. You can do a business name search to be sure. 

Wait for Your Certificate of Incorporation

Once your Articles of Incorporation have been approved, you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation. That means your business is registered and you can carry on with operations. Keep in mind that you will need your Certificate of Incorporation anytime you apply for financing, so it makes sense to keep it handy. You will also need to retain your registered agent, who can accept legal documents mailed to your corporation. 

Be Prepared for the Fees

While the cost of incorporating in Delaware isn’t too high, you will need to be prepared to pay all fees. This will make the process easier, as you will have the money ready to go and won’t have to stop the process to get it together. At the time of writing, the Division of Corporations fee is $50, the filing fee tax is $15, and the county fee is $24. These costs may change so take the time to check before you get started so you’re ready. It’s also important to remember that the costs may vary based on the number of shares in your company you plan to sell and how much each is worth. 

 delaware corporation online filing

Use Our Delaware Corporation Online Filing

So, is Delaware Corporation online filing the right choice for you? It’s certainly easier to take care of the process online, rather than having to find time to do so in person. It gives you the chance to gather all the necessary materials and fill out the documents on your device when time allows. The process itself is set up to move quickly and simply so you may be surprised that it will be done before you know it. Ready to get started? Contact Corporation Center today and let’s get it done together.