Do You Need an LLC License in Missouri?

LLC License in Missouri

If you wish to form an LLC in Missouri, you might wonder whether you need to obtain a business license for it. It is important to note that an LLC license in Missouri is required. The license regulated at the state level is the sales tax license or seller’s permit. 

Required LLC License in Missouri

Before delving into the licensing requirements in this state, it is vital to understand the process of forming an LLC here. The first step involves choosing a unique and distinguishable name for your company. Once your name is selected, you will need to file Articles of Organization with the Missouri Secretary of State. If you need the form to file your AOO, please refer to the left side of this page. 

Business Licenses in Missouri

It is important to note that the state does not have a specific LLC license. Rather, you are typically required to obtain various licenses and permits based on the location, industry, and nature of your business. Local or state authorities often issue them. These licenses ensure that businesses comply with relevant regulations.

Professional Licensing 

Certain professions in Missouri require specialized professional licensing. This applies regardless of your business structure. Professions such as law, medicine, architecture, and others may necessitate specific licenses from the respective state boards. You should know whether or not your business falls into a category that needs professional licensing. Contact our team today to inquire about it. 

Business Registration with the Missouri Secretary of State

Even though the state does not require a specific license, your business must be properly registered with the Missouri Secretary of State. This registration ensures that your company is recognized as a legal entity within the state and is compliant with state laws. The registration process involves filing the necessary documents and paying any applicable fees. 

Local Business Licenses 

Many cities in this state require businesses, including LLCs, to obtain local business licenses. The requirements can vary widely depending on the location. Thus, it is vital to check with the local city or county government to know if your business needs a certain license to operate in that area. 

Sales Tax License

If your LLC engages in the state of tangible goods, you may need to obtain a sales tax license from the Missouri Department of Revenue. This license lets you collect and remit sales tax on applicable transactions. The process for obtaining a sales tax license is straightforward and can often be done online. 

Ongoing Compliance

The initial registration and licensing are critical. However, it is vital to maintain ongoing compliance with the state and local regulations. In that case, you will need to renew your licenses and file yearly reports with the Missouri Secretary of State. You should also stay informed about any changes in licensing requirements that may affect your business. 

LLC License in Missouri

Various Licenses and Permits 

There is no specific LLC license in Missouri. However, you will have to obtain various licenses and permits that are vital to operate your business and comply with the laws. If you need assistance in obtaining licenses and permits, you may call our experts today.