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alaska corporation forms

Affectionately known as the Frontier State, Alaska has a unique allure to those with a sense of adventure. Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs often share that spirit, and so it is logical that many opt to incorporate in Alaska. Whether your business is unique to that geographic region–commercial fishing, hospitality, or in the oil industry–or you are in the e-commerce sector, incorporating your business in Alaska can be a savvy maneuver. If you believe this road less traveled is right for your organization, one matter you will need to address is processing your Alaska corporation forms.

If you own and manage your own business, you are likely no stranger to planning. When you choose to incorporate your business, there will be a number of preparations that you need to make. As this can be a more rigid way than others with regards to business structure, you may find yourself needing to make some fundamental organizational changes. Still, you need to start somewhere, and filing your Articles of Incorporation is as good a place as any.

Why Consider Incorporating in Alaska?

Sitting at the top of North America, Alaska is home to some of the most picturesque vistas in the United States. Beyond that, many businesses also choose to headquarter themselves in Alaska. Aside from its unique geographical factors, another draw for entrepreneurs is that Alaska imposes no state income tax.

As some corporate structures can find themselves taxed “twice” (once on profits, and again on the owners’ salaries), incorporating in a state without an income tax can be especially appealing. In truth, tax considerations should be at the forefront when you are settling on any sort of business structure, whether it is a corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership.

alaska corporation forms

Alaska Corporation Forms – Getting Started

With a business plan in place, it is time to get to work on filling out some documents. To formally incorporate in Alaska, you will need to submit Articles of Incorporation to the State of Alaska Corporations Section. This document will ask for some basic information about yourself and your business. You will also need to select a name for your corporation that is distinguishable from other registered corporations in the state.

You will also need to select a registered agent for your business. This person will be in charge of receiving all legal, tax, and government correspondence on behalf of your business. Some organizations opt to fill this role with in-house counsel, though that is not always required.

At this juncture, you may also plan your first board of directors meeting. This can be a good time to create corporate bylaws, establish record-keeping practices, and address additional facets of your day-to-day operations. 

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